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004 - 23-10-2007 - Pedal Box
The first job of the build (as i cheated and got westfield to install all the panels for me) installing the pedals. This proved to be more fiddly than i thought it was going to be, but a good introduction to building a westfield.

 The three pedals waiting to be fitted in the car  The pedal box.  You can see the shafts from the brake and clutch cylinders coming through the plate  The other side of the pedal box  the clutch and brake cylinders bolted to the back plate  The clutch pedal nearly installed.  This was the worst one to install.  The outside plates had been welded in slightly the wrong place so i had to file the bushings down approx 1 1/2 mm each side to make it fit and run smootly.  The shaft was a pain to install and tighten up.  I had to use 2 plane M8 nuts to hold the bar in place while i tightened up the first nyloc nut, then repeated on the other side with the nyloc and 1 of the plane nuts.  The pedal box is now complete the brake and accelerator pedal went in very easily complared the the clutch.  I have also installed the brake light sensor.  The car is now ready for the brake lines to be fitted, this may not happen for a while as i have to finish the donor parts off.

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