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005 - 28-10-2007 - Brake lines
I wasnt looking forward to fitting the brake lines but it hasnt gone to badly. I spent some of saturday stripping more of the donor parts ready to be sent to the shot blasters but i forgot to take my camera with me!!

 The wheels have come back from refurb and i think they look great.  They have a nice new set of Yoko A021R's on them  all i need to do now is get some new centre caps made up for them.  The smallist and probably the most fiddly brake line to install  The front brake lines are complete.  i have put on a few cable ties to hold them in place untill im ready to fis them properly.  one more shot of the front brake lines.  Not the neatist job ever but im happy with it.  The rear brake lines in place.  Only the long run from the front to back of the car left now.  I will do this sometime next week when i can find some helpers to turn the car upsideown.

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