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008 - 25-11-2007 - Diff and front Shocks
IThe week started off quite will with the front shocks and uprights going in and connected. James worked some magic on the diff problem. Unfortunatly once it was fitted it created a nother problem.

 The front end is together.  I still need to add the brakes but i will do this when i have a bit more cash.  The uprights arent pointing straight so they will need a bit of adjusting when i have the wheels on.  The front uupright all together no front hub at the moment as im waiting for some new ones to arrive next week..  James took the diff into work and sorted out the bushing problems.  Its now ready to fit.  It went in like a dream except for this little problem.  The brake line is in the way of the mounting plate.  It will have to come out again for some re-working of the brake line.  I have converted the dash to MPH.  As it was an import car it is still limmited to 112MPH i will sorth that out when the car is registered and on the road.

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