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011 - 17-02-2008 - The engine is going in
So finally after a bit of a break from the car its time to put the engine in. It went in quite well with only a few small problems along the way.

 The car waiting for the engine.  It has its good wheels on in this pic they will be coming off before the engine goes in so they dont get damaged.  a bit of fettling on the engine defore it goes in.  New oil and plugs  And its in, only one majour problem before it went in.  When removing the old gearbox mount the old screw ripped a load of the thread out with it.  Thankfully i was able to recover most of it and the bolt fitted in fine with an exra large dose of threadlock to make sure it doesnt go anyware.   the clutch is now all connected i havent bled it yet i will wait tuntill im further down the build to do that.

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