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012 - 28-02-2008 - Steering and air box
Time to get the steering and air box fitted to the car, sadly that hasnt been as easy as it sounds thanks to westfield over shortening part of the steering column. But the car is starting to take shape quite quickly now.

 The mount for the lower steering column.  the bearing had to be pushed into the mount.  The steering column all together and its to short!!  it appears that there are 2 sizes of mazda steering column and i got the short one!!  time to give westfield a ring!!  The air box and the plenum pipe all bolted in place.  the manual doesnt show how its all connected together from hear so i will have to go and look through a couple of websites, westfield are useless so im not expecting much help from them.  The radiator in place, quite a simple job.  I used rivnuts to secure the top mounts in place rather than rivits.

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