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013 - 30-03-2008 - Fuel, Brakes and Radiator
This is the first update for a while. I have been catching up on all the little bits that need doing that arent really worthy of a website update. Untill now, i have started plumbing in the fuel and fitted the rear brake calipers.

 The air box and radiator installed.  Im not sure how the Air box is meant to be connected to the engine, i need to have a chat to westfiels on this one.  The weather hasnt been the great lately!! Snow in march!!  The rear brakes being fitted  Rear brake in place.  the paint needs to be touched up a bit on the caliper.  the fuel tank in place, its not installed perminantly yet im sure it will be in and out a few more times.  Front Wheel arch brackets bolted in place  decided to put the drivers seat in place today.  There is more room in the car than i remeber.  Fuel pump in place and one side plummed in.  This was a really fiddly bit to get in place.  i wish i had done it when it was up on the cahssis stands.  Main fuel line and return line in place.

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