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014 - 18-05-2008 - Wiring
Yes i know what your all thinking what have i been up to for the last 6 weeks... welllllll quite a bit just not with the car:( But this week was different i had a week off and spent some quality time with the car. Its moved on quite a lot now. The wiring is going in the fuel is all plummed in the steering is sorted and lots of other little bits and bobs have been done.

 The rear wiring going in, this has been quite time consuming as all the wires have needed to be cut and lengthened or shortened  The first part of the westfield exhaust system.  This is only temporary because to help me mark where i need to cut the hole in the bodywork.  The feed and return fuel lines in place there is a slight issue with them being very close to touching each other i will find a spacer to seperate them a bit before it goes to be tested.  The steering column finally came back from westfield.  its now fitted and working, now all i need to do is to line the steering up!!  the fuel tank in place along with the last of the fuel hose.  It took westfield 9 days to send me 1 meter of 12mm fuel  hose!!!  The main wiring loon almost ready to go in!!  I bolted the rollbar on tot he car  for no real reason other than it looks cool and it makes it easier to drag the car in and out of the garage.  the rubush from the wiring loom.  The loom was covered in old black electrical tape and plastic tubing.  It all had to come off and will be re applyed when i know where the loom is going in the car!!

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