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015 - 25-08-2008 - Wiring and Bodywork
So the updates are getting few and far between... Why.... because i just havent been spending any time on the car:( well thats not technically true i have been spending time on it but its only been a few small bits at a time. I have done alot of bodywork fitting and wiring, all of which are taking a long time, a lot longer than i hoped, but i think i have broken the back of the wiring now so hopefully these updates will start to becone more frequent again.

 The bodywork, all fits now, you can see some gaps in between the panels but they arent all fixed down.  There was a suppeising ammount of mods that needed to be made!!  The propshaft has come back from being shortened.  It fits like a dream.  Thanks to www.propshaft-services.co.uk for doing the work it cost about £60 to get it done.  You can also see the feed fuel line in place at the top of the transmition tunnel.  You have to cut quite a lot out of the main body panel to get the shell to fit properly, its a quirk with the mazda kit!  Its quite scary taking a dremmel to the bodywork.  But it was made alot easier with the permagrit blade.  The holes for the wiring loom to come through from the scuttle.  I drilled the hole out with a holesaw a few mm smaller than required then opened the whole up with the dremmel.  The steering column requires a chunk to be cut out of the scuttle!!  again this was done with a hole saw.  My top tip for this is clamp a bit of wood behind where you want to drill.  and drill through that. it made life much easier.  To match the main body panel you have to cut a big chunk out of the maouting block on the scuttle  OK this may look like a mess at the moment but its an organised mess!!   good job i live by myself!!  if you have any ideas what this is.... answers on a postcard!!  its starting to look neat

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