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016 - 07-08-2008 - Engine and wiring
This week was a week of highs and lows. I will start off with t he lows. Iv done a bit more work to finish off the wiring. Iv managed to do something to the fuel pump ciruit, it doesnt seem to work but to go with that i cant find the fuel pump relay. I really need to have a rummage around a proper MX5 to see where things are meant to go and where this relay should be. But on the high side... The car runs, with a few bodged parts and a bit of garden hose we got her running.

 A bit of brake ducking to join the plunum chamber to the air box  The car ready to start.  we had to put on a few tempory parts to get it running, the garden hose is part of the cooling system.  A mystery pipe connection.  what should this be connected to.... who knows.... i dont!!  For some reason we couldnt get power to the fuel pump so just for today to prove the thing runs we added in a 'custom' bypass the MCB worked as a switch so we could turn the pump on and off.  once this was in place she ran.... not very well but she ran!!

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