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017 - 14-08-2008 Engine and Wiring
Another good week on the car. she is now running like a dream the starting problems from last week were tracked down to a missing relay, its connector is labeled us a brake switch which was a bit confusing!! once we worked that our and got hold of the relay it started running really well.

 Throttle cable in place  the engine cooling pipes had got a bit rusty not supprising after sitting for a year!!  iv flushed the engine through with some cleaner and its fine now.  a bit of trimming on the dashboard loon i recon we cut out 60% loom  thanks james, he stayed on and tided up the scuttle wiring while i had to go to work!!  A quick vid of her starting up.  Shes running really nicely now.  We run the engine for about 2 hours now and the difference is amazing from when we first started her.

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