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018 - 01-09-2008 - Wiring, brakes and clutch
I have re found my love for the car and had another good weekend building it. I didnt spend as much time as i hoped on it but that was due to sunny weather Beer and BBQ's. I have bled my clutch and brakes, i think the clutch needs to be done again and im not sure about one of the front brakes but only time will tell with that one. I managed to get most of the engine bay wiring done so hopefully the first start of the engine wont be to far away!! Big thanks to james for his help over the weekend and to mark for answering the wiring question.

 The easy bleed kit made sorting the brakes and clutch very easy it aslso showed up one or two loose connections in the brake system.... By throwing brake fluid all over the drive oops!!  Its still a 2 man job bleeding the brakes but only took 30 mins to do.  i will go round and do them again neearer the SVA time to ensure they are working perfectally and all the air is out of the system  a quick pedal check, the brakes feel great but the clutch still feels like it has air in it.  This also shows that size 12 flip flops arent suitable for driving one of these!!  The engine bay is starting to look neat and tidy now!!  A new teperature sensor.  im still not sure where the blue wire goes its the only wire i cant find a home for at the moment  wires tagged to the underside of the chasis rail

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