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020 - 08-03-2009 Bodywork
Things have moved on pretty well this week. James and myself have done alot of the bodywork fitting.

 The rear light clusters look great but are really fiddly to fit.  Big holes in the bodywork for the light fittings.  All done... Well maybe they need some additional trimming to the fittings to make them fit better.  They look good from the distance.  Now the main shell is fitted properly the rear wheel sits perfectally in the arch.  I was very supprised to see how much the back of the bodywork had dropped.  We used the jack to lift it while it was fitted.  A tip to anyone who is reading this before you take delivery of your kit.  When you store your bodywork support the back of it.  tempory rivits to hold the bodywork in place  We fitted the roll bar to help hold the back of the bodywork in place while we fitted it.  The scuttle is also fitted properly now.  all fitted.  the  jack is going to stay there for a while to support it while it bends back into shape.  4 M6 Rivnuts holding each side of the bodywork in place!!  Bonnet pin in place.  Nosecone - bonnet grommit in place.  To fit this we drilled a 16mm hole and slowly opened it out untill the fit was tight, but the bonnet can be put in easily.  Nosecone fitted, another very tight and fiddly job!!

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