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021 - 24-03-2009 Bodywork
Things are still moving on quickly!! its been 10 days of bodywork trimming and adjusting!!

 Side repeaters fitted  the back end all taped up for the fog, reverse and number plate lights to be marked out  All the holes cut  All fitted, we also re fitted the main clusters and they are alot better fit now!!  Steering colum cover rivited in place  trial run on the windscreen, this has now been abandoned untill the side screens turn up.  The scuttle drilled ready for the windscreen wipers  the scuttle and the windscreen fillet.  Wiper motor fitted  All the bodywork fitted... looking good!!  A bit of a tip... dont leave masking tape on the body work for any longer than you absolutly have to!!  this tape has been on for about 4 months!! and it wont come off now!!

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