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022 - 10-05-09 - Bodywork, IVA Mods
Loads has been going on over the last few weeks. Iv missed the end of the SVA so i now have to face the new IVA. I have had the car running again and it turned out to be undrivable with the original clutch so unfortunatly the engine had to come back out and have the clutch replace, We ended up replacing the clutch, flywheel and slave cylinder. We have finished the dashboard wiring, its all loomed up, immobiliser installed and cliped to its final positions.

 The old flywheel covered in cracks!!  Part of the IVA mods, eath tag from the tank to the chasis  The IVA now says you have to teather your fuel filler.  I bike gear cable and a ring crimp solved this problem    The exhaust is looking a bit low!!  Doh   Road testing round the barn

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